Dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam

By the grace of Allah (SWT), we are pleased to announce, under strict Covid-19 rules, the re-opening of Eccles masjid on Saturday 4th July 2020 for congregational prayers, marriage ceremonies and funeral services. Friday (jumaa) prayers will also commence on a trial basis.

We have implemented a new risk assessment policy and have appointed a Covid-19 Operation officer, safety officers and a medical team, who will work together to ensure everyone’s safety.

Measures being put in place to ensure everyone’s safety include:

  • A deep clean and sanitisation of all areas, in and around the centre prior to the opening
  • Floor markings to ensure social distancing and one-way systems
  • Posters relaying govt advice and identifying relevant stations (temp control, hand washing etc)
  • All children under the age of 10 will not be allowed to access the masjid. Children of the age of 10-12 must be accompanied by parents/ guardian
  • Wudu areas will be closed to stop the spread of infection
  • All post Sunnah and Nawafil prayers are to be prayed at home
  • We encourage all those in high-risk categories not to attend the masjid, these include;
    • If you are currently not well for any reason or showing symptoms of covid-19
    • Elders (70+)
    • Those with illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma and others who are vulnerable
    • Those in high risk occupations who are more likely to have been in contact with others who have the virus

Daily Prayers:

  • Congregation in the masjid will be limited to 5 daily prayers. The masjid will be open for 15 minutes before the Iqamah and closed immediately after the conclusion of farth prayers
  • There are limited spaces in the masjid due to social distancing rules, so please expect to queue outside pending all relevant checks before entry
  • All attendees will be expected to provide their details in line with the test and trace program
  • A social distancing rule of 2m will be adhered to at all times
  • A face mask is recommended for daily prayers, but will be an obligation for Jumaa
  • A One-way system will be used to ease the entering and exiting of the masjid
  • Shoe racks will be sealed, so everyone must bring their own bag to store their footwear, which must be kept by your side at all times
  • Everyone must also bring their own musalla and prayer hat

Please respect all volunteers by kindly adhering to all the rules set out above your cooperation is essential in keeping our masjid open