Dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam

Sadly, in light of the nationwide lockdown which is set to begin on Thursday 5th November 2020 at 1-minute past midnight, government has requested that all places of worship are to close from this date until 2nd December 2020. With careful deliberation and with no other alternatives, Eccles Mosque will sadly be closing its doors to abide by these rules. This is a route all mosques will be taking and there will be no exceptions to anyone.

This means that Isha Prayer on Wednesday 4th November 2020, will be the last congregational prayer until 2nd December 2020.

Further government guidance can be found at New National Restrictions from 5 November.

The Mosque will continue to broadcast prayers, but this will be done solely by the Imam. To be fair and equal to all, no one from the community will be permitted to enter the masjid apart from the Imam and someone to replace him in his absence. Outside of prayer times, only staff and volunteers will have access for the upkeep of the masjid.

The madrassa will also be closing until 2nd December 2020. There are no plans currently to teach on zoom or any other digital platform. If this changes, we will inform parents immediately.

Your continued support and patience during this difficult time has been very much appreciated, and we ask for this to continue. It has not been easy for anyone or the masjid, but we pray for things to return back to normal soon inshaAllah. We also pray for everyone’s wellbeing, safety and health.

Stay safe and Save lives

Fi Amanillah